Thipa Attorneys Incorporated

Thipa Attorneys Incorporated

Thipa Attorneys Incorporated

Thipa Attorneys Inc. has vast experience in establishing investment funds, companies and family offshore trusts in Mauritius, Singapore, Cayman Islands and BVI. Together with our close network of administrators, prime brokers, custodians and international correspondent advisors, Thipa Attorneys Inc. equipped to advise on the optimum domicile taking into account various considerations such as:

  • Investor jurisdiction
  • Promoters domicile
  • Ultimate application of proceeds
  • Tax efficiency
  • Limitation of liability
  • Exchange control regulations
  • Ease and cost of incorporation
  • Regulatory stringency.
  • Marketing and solicitation rules.

Thipa Attorneys Inc. has set up the following vehicles, amongst others:

  • Protected Cell Companies
  • Open ended and closed ended collective investment schemes
  • Fund Manager Companies
  • Property Holding Companies
  • GBC1 and GBC 2 Companies
  • Trusts