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Funds | Financial Services | Finance & Banking

Thipa Attorneys Incorporated has entered the market in South Africa and abroad to offer its preferred clients value add Fund Formation, Financial Services and Banking and Finance services. Thipa Attorneys Incorporated recognises that its clients require not just legal experts but practical oriented advisers that understand commercial realities.

Who We Are

Thipa Attorneys Incorporated is a specialised funds and financial services law firm. Our clients have come to trust that they can lean on us for strategic and innovative solutions. We have a team built on a proven track record and a combined skills base that thrives on a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

A distinguishing feature is that Thipa Attorneys Inc. is fully empowered in that most of its professional team members are from designated groups as defined in the Employment Equity Act. The firm aspires to be a truly South African Law Firm reflecting the diversity of its people. The philosophy of the firm is to enhance skills development particularly amongst those individuals that were previously disadvantaged. The firm seeks to create an environment where its lawyers may gain access in areas previously dominated by a few large corporate firms.

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